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An artificial skylight so realistic, you'll believe it really is the sun shining in the sky

A glowing orb in what appears to be an azure sky floods a sparsely decorated room with seemingly natural sunlight´ These images might look like still life paintings by Edward Hopper, but they are actually undoctored photographs demonstrating the brilliance of a brand new kind of skylight.

Lake of Brienz - Switzerland

Every architect and designer knows, natural lighting is not always a realistic option.

Garden units, compact condos, malls, gyms, hospitals, schools - floor plans often don¨t allow for expansive windows, or sometimes, any windows at all.

BlueSky Light technology is ideal for all types of indoor architectural applications,particularly windowless rooms and underground spaces.

It provides soothing, invigorating light similar to daylight and a sensation of infinite space that dramatically changes interiors and how people perceive them.

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At the Top Of The Rothorn


We didn¨t just want to reproduce the effect of sunlight, we wanted to reproduce what happens in nature.


Snow Covered Jungraujoch

So we built a sky by taking nanoparticles that act in the same way as when air molecules fluctuate and scatter sunrays. We compressed the earth¨s atmosphere from 10km down to a solid layer of a few millimetres.


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"They shall attend to a man," said Sir John Ramorny.

True love is a synthetic thing, an outcome of life, it is not a universal thing. It is the individualized correlative of Salvation; like that it is a synthetic consequence of conflicts and confusions. Many people do not desire or need Salvation, they cannot understand it, much less achieve it; for them chaotic life suffices. So too, many never, save for some rare moment of illumination, desire or feel love. Its happy abandonment, its careless self-giving, these things are mere foolishness to them. But much has been said and sung of faith and love alike, and in their confused greed these things also they desire and parody. So they act worship and make a fine fuss of their devotions. And also they must have a few half-furtive, half-flaunting fallen love-triumphs prowling the secret backstreets of their lives, they know not why.

Gentle friend,

The messenger returned with these lines of reply:!

"Good God, Aunt Em, he hasn’t!" cried Jean.

"See it?" he exclaimed; "of course I do! The exploring party is to start at last. Do I go with the expedition?"

Oliver at last relieved his host by swaggering off, imitating as well as he could the sturdy step and outward gesture of his redoubted companion, and whistling a pibroch composed on the rout of the Danes at Loncarty, which he had picked up from its being a favourite of the smith’s, whom he made a point of imitating as far as he could. But as the innocent, though conceited, fellow stepped out from the entrance of the wynd, where it communicated with the High Street, he received a blow from behind, against which his headpiece was no defence, and he fell dead upon the spot, an attempt to mutter the name of Henry, to whom he always looked for protection, quivering upon his dying tongue.

Cowperwood smiled inwardly again.

"Well ! and what of that?"

‘Christian resignation,’ suggested Miss Dunstable.

FEW men would have felt otherwise than Harold Transome felt, if, having a reversion tantamount to possession of a fine estate, carrying an association with an old name and considerable social importance, they were suddenly informed that there was a person who had a legal right to deprive them of these advantages; that person’s right having never been contemplated by any one as more than a chance, and being quite unknown to himself. In ordinary cases a shorter possession than Harold’s family had enjoyed was allowed by the law to constitute an indefeasible right; and if in rare and peculiar instances the law left the possessor of a long inheritance exposed to deprivation as a consequence of old obscure transactions, the moral reasons for giving legal validity to the title of long occupancy were not the less strong. Nobody would have said that Harold was bound to hunt out this alleged remainder-man and urge his rights upon him; on the contrary, all the world would have laughed at such conduct, and he would have been thought an interesting patient for a mad-doctor. The unconscious remainder-man was probably much better off left in his original station: Harold would not have been called upon to consider his existence, if it had not been presented to him in the shape of a threat from one who had power to execute the threat.

"Ha!" yelled Shannon. "He said that, did he?"

The cold was still intense, but the wind having gone down it was possible to endure it, although great care was necessary to escape serious consequences on leaving the heated rooms for the open air, the difference between the temperature inside and outside being some fifty-four degrees.

‘Sir!’ said Mr Lyon, shaken out of all reticence, ‘I would not conceal it. She believes herself to be my daughter. But I will bear all things rather than deprive her of a right. Nevertheless I will appeal to the pity of any fellow-man, not to thrust himself between her and me, but to let me disclose the truth to her myself.’

The door was closed, and the much-tried Rufus walked about again, saying aloud, groaningly !

Dinny smiled.

Michael was out of the street before any thinking power returned to him. Wilfrid had been caught, as it were, in a snare! One could see how his rebellious contempt for convention and its types had blinded him to the normal view. But one could not dissociate this or that from the general image of an Englishman: betrayal of one feature would be looked on as betrayal of the whole. As for that queer touch of compassion for his would-be executioner, who would see that who didn’t know Wilfrid? The affair was bitter and tragic. The ‘yellow’ label would be stuck on indiscriminately for all eyes to see.

"Reaction from the chocolate box," murmured Dinny.

‘I thought that I could explain to you more openly and more freely, what his intentions really are.’

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